Tile and grout floors are becoming increasing popular in homes today. While sweeping and mopping are necessary for daily maintenance, professional tile and grout cleaning will help keep your floors looking their best. Oil and grease mix with fine particulate soil to create a thin film on the surface that cannot be removed with a mop. Brush agitation and stone-specific detergent cleaners are the necessary tools to do the job.

  • Cleaning Agent – First, we apply special cleaning agents designed for your tile and grout floor.
  • Agitate – We then agitate each tile and grout line by hand with brushes. Sometimes additional cleaning agents are required to remove more deeply set soils.
  • Rinse – Finally, we rinse the floor with steam and vacuum followed up with a dry mop to remove any remaining surface moisture. The tile dries within a matter of minutes and can be walked on before we even leave your home.
  • After Cleaning – We recommend sealing grout lines to prevent permanent staining especially after a deep and thorough cleaning. Today’s sealers are water based and can be applied immediately after cleaning. There is no need to wait for cure times like with older types of sealers.