Carpet Repairs Longmont CO

You’ve got some problems that need to be addressed, but sometimes replacing your carpet just isn’t feasible. Repairing carpets is a much more cost effective solution.

  • Ripples / Waves – This problem is becoming more and more common. There are many theories on what causes carpets to loosen and get ripples or waves in them. Regardless of what caused the ripples to appear, they need to be stretched out. Ripples can cause the carpets to crease and wear unevenly. Not to mention, they create a tripping hazard in your home. To properly stretch the carpet, the room needs to empty of all furniture. There are some cases where we can work around something that is too heavy to move, but results may not be ideal. Call us and we’ll schedule a time to come and look at your situation, discuss your options for stretching the carpets, and provide you with an estimate.
  • Holes, Stains and Other Damage – Holes from burns, pet damage or deterioration as well as stains determined to be permanent can be patched. Of course, we will need a section of carpet to use for the patch. Most of the time, when the carpet is installed, there are scrap pieces that the installers leave behind for just such an instance. Check your basement under the stairs, in a crawl space or in the attic. We can cut out the damaged section and seam in a new section in its place. Invisible seams from the repair might not be achievable, but the visual improvement over having damaged carpet would be significant.